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My first vehicle....Ford Pinto. I remember finding it up on the school lawn one day. (Lifted there by school friends as a joke.)

Vintage Webbed lawn chair, Aluminum webbed lawn chair, camping equipment, home decor

Vintage Webbed lawn chair, Aluminum webbed lawn chair, camping equipment - Not only did these heat up in the sun but your bare legs would be irritated by the material. I liked the look of them but didn't like sitting in them for long.

List of age-appropriate milestones from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Understanding kids developmental stages helps us understand what they may feeling and what they need from us to help communicate their feelings.

My Favorite Retro Toys

Lawn darts. Such great memories at my great-grandparent's house in the summer and having family cookouts:)

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Allana right over!! OH, how I HATED this game :o/ I was no bigger than a minute & would FAIL miserably EVERY time :o( BOO!! Almost as un~fun as DODGE BALL!!! Now kick ball ~ THAT I was good at 'cuz I could run like the wind!! :o)

TAKE ME 2 The BEACH ...Lawn Chair // Vintage Outdoor Furniture // Aluminum // Mid Century // Folding // Old School // Retro // Patio // Pool

This afternoon, with Brad outside mowing the lawn and Miss G being his water / sweat rag girl {hah!!}, I thought Sam and I would try something fun while doing our daily tummy time play.   Since our tummy time painting was a hit a few days ago, I figured we’d give a sensory bag…