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one millionth of my father's garden.

THE BULGARIAN PERSIAN CARPETS IN KOSTANDOVO, A SMALL TOWN IN BULGARIA How we tied knots on a carpet for Versailles and celebrated Babinden First, push the thread behind the warp, then to the front and then make a circle so it comes from back to the front to complete the knot. This one millionth of the weaving art I was able to touch with my unskilful+ Read More

SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: #Kobane #Cizire Update 117 - Double Blast on Either Side of Turkish Border at Kobane Leaves 31 Dead. Opposition pound Alawite enclaves with hundreds of missiles and shoot down expensive Assad drone in Latakia. Also 1 millionth visitor arrived at my blog today - Thank you to all my readers, your interest much appreciated! *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ... http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-iraq-news-5 PIC: Coalition Leaflet Dropped Over Islamic State Towns -

My home town of Seguin, Texas " you think that's big, you shoulda seen the squirrel that brouht it there." Yes Dad... For the millionth time.

Great North Run One Millionth 2014. Press Boards

Boston, MA (for the millionth time, okay, the third) This is my favorite city in the US. I'd live here if I could.

We are looking for the 2 millionth inhabitant of Safety Town! http://cyberghostvpn.com/en/two-million.html?piwik_campaign=two_million_kwd=homepage

Ford’s 50-millionth vehicle was made at the Dearborn Assembly Plant in Michigan on April 29, 1959. That car, a Ford Galaxie town sedan, joined a by a 1903 Model A in the background and a Levicar concept in the foreground.

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