I am really wanting to repaint my wrought iron kitchen table base and chairs (and recover the chair pads). They say the steps are easy, but doing it right requires a lot of time, waiting between steps. Patience, my dear!

Step by Step for spray Painting Chairs - Also great deglossing tip by Home Decorating Ideas

How to Re-Cover Dining Chairs

Painted chairs with reupholstered seats. Love the shape of these chairs to go with the pedestal table! Tired of the long table, I find the round table to feel more intimate.

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint! THESE CHAIRS ARE TO DIE FOR! Wish I knew where to buy them?

How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs

How to antique furniture with glaze.

Glazing Furniture FAQs

mismatched painted chairs + white table = love the idea of this, but am not brave enough to do it for the dining table (and besides, my husband would have a heart attack.) maybe for the play/craft room though?

Good info to have.... How to upholster dining chairs

a step by step picture tutorial on how to upholster dining room chairs! upholstering dining room chairs actually a lot easier than i thought it would be. this was my first hack at any sort of upholstering and i think more upholstery is in my future.

I needed dining chairs, and I really wanted this antique set that my grandparents had in their basement. I asked a bunch of times, and they always said no. Until one day when they magically decided…

I’m excited to teach you guys my favorite technique for how to paint furniture with chalk paint. This technique is super simple! I promise to walk you through my tried and true step by step t…