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Another Bridleless Riding and Communication Tool: The Tellington TTouch Balance Rein

Training aid for bridless riding Like the idea of only this instead of reins for children who aren't gentle enough.

Exercise #2 - i like adding in the phase's and i like the build from controlled trot to gradual release and stretch at the oxer. Do nothing but balance the horse. I'd also like to see this done in reverse order. from stretch, to coming back into control and out in trot. a 'simple' exercise with a lot of finesse.

There the best 3 sisters in the WORLD!!!! I want to be just like them and I love HORSES. THEIR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY.

yeah we have tons of tires :) (again I know you don't jump the barrel's but this would be fun and get your horse to listen to you) :O)

How to make your own horse jumps. This page has photos of different types of standards, flower boxes, and poles. I especially like the jump block made from a pallet.