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Family | Cutest Paw

Mama cat watches as her Husky friend gently nuzzles her baby kitten. Is this the cutest? I think so.

This is why I have so many critters. Love them all !!!

Who says cats and dogs can’t get along?

Who says cats and dogs can`t get along? Raise cats and dogs in your home and you'll see what true love really means, it's like they complete each other and your house is filled with a loving energy.

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Cataraks  BAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

On Saturday, the Pit Bull named "Pirate Jack" showed up at the Dog Park wearing the very latest fashion in kitten eye patches. (the other dogs were way too confused by it to even laugh at him).


I've seen this odd couple at the SD ZOO! "Anatolian Shepherd dogs keep Cheetahs away from livestock in Africa, but at the San Diego Zoo, the former foes are paired because the calm dog makes a good friend to the nervous cat. Love is love :)"

Dog and cat love

PLEASE can we keep him? Funny dog Hugging a kitty! ♥ pictures with quotes ♥