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OXYGEN MAGNESIUM WHY ISN'T THIS REAL!?!?!?!! Hiccup is a son of Hephaestus. Jack, son of Poseidon. Merida: daughter of Apollo. And Rapunzel is the daughter of...Zeus, maybe? I don't know.

My name is Ruby I am 14 and I am a daughter of Apollo I love the woods, horseback ridding, swimming and i love reading I am a nature girl and i love animals and I have won the hunger games i have the powers of healing, invisibility and fire I was blessed by Demeter so I have plant powers

Which Greek Goddess are you?

Athena Goddess of War and Wisdom Cool and collected. People look to you for wisdom and advice. You tend to keep to yourself and sometimes wonder how you got stuck with all the idiots around you. You try and keep to yourself and not get involved in such petty drama however there are moments when people test you and you get involved due to your temper, you won't admit to this however.

"Day 21: If you were stuck in an island forever with the condition that only one god could visit you, which god would it be? Apollo."

It said parents but North isn't Jack's father unless....OHMEHGERD what if North was Jack's father in Burgess?!?! That would explain why Jack sees him as a fatherly figure!!! THE FEELS