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cro's complete look of "OH SHIT" in the background tho omg

This Is The Hilarity That Happens When You Skip Leg Day At The Gym, Oh Boy..

I was about to go for a run but it looks like it's about to rain so I'm gonna sit this one out.

from CollegeHumor

12 Ryan Stiles 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' Moments That Will Make You Laugh

whose line is it anyway ryan stiles

Who loves Orange Soda? Kel loves Orange Soda! It it true? Is it tuuuee? Oh yes oh yes oh yes i dooo!

from Pintester

Sonja Foust

Oh the pain of failure. And the hilarity of #failcakes .

Expect hilarity, horror and blazing insight into the desperate and surreal contemporary human condition as only Chuck Palahniuk can deliver it. He's the post-millennial Jonathan Swift, the man to watch to learn what's - uh-oh - coming next.