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Interview Eleanor Smith Teacher in Schools and Colleges, Advocate for Disability Rights, and Co-Author of children's book Libby and the Cape of Visability - to bring awareness to the mobility impaired

Interview Shaila Abdullah - Author of Children’s Book About an Autistic Sibling, A Manual for Marco - author of 2 adult books and a children's book about an autistic sibling, one on a natural disaster and one on friendship and cerebral palsy

Interview Susan Louise Peterson Author of Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? and School Psychologist

Interview Nadeen Green: Author, Attorney, and Fair Housing Lady - Newest book - Kid's book Libby and the Cape of Visitability.

Interview Kathy Parra Author of Children’s Nature Book – Love is the Color of a Rainbow

Interview Sarah Whittle Parenting Children with Autism and Asperger’s ~ Author of There’s a Snake in my Boots.

Interview Nina Plonka Author of Book for Kids on Understanding #Sensory Processing Disorder - Advice on raising a child with sensory processing disorder and information about her children's book to help kids understand what living with SPD is like.

Interview Joni Klein-Higger Award-winning Children’s Book Author, Songwriter and Musical Theater Playwright - Joni Klein-Higger is a multi-talented, award-winning children's book author, songwriter and musical theater playwright/composer/lyricist.

Interview Patricia DeGeyter Author – You Are My Son: Mother’s Journey On Raising An Autistic Child - by Special Needs Book Review

Interview Lisa Eichlin: Children’s Book on Friendship and Acceptance of Differences