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Chemistry 2nd Edition MP3 Audio CD by Dr. Jay Wile - This CD contains a complete audio recording of the course Exploring Creation With Chemistry, Second Edition. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners or have reading challenges. - $29.00 @apologiaworld

This site Sketchplanations provides sketches to explain a variety of topics (some ed related and some not) BUT it is helpful for teachers thinking about designing anchor charts that will later cue students' thinking.

Physics 2nd Edition Multimedia Companion CD-Rom by Dr. Jay Wile - This is a companion CD. It is not a full course. It is designed to be used with the textbook Exploring Creation With Physics, 2nd Edition. - $19.00 @apologiaworld -For more info, see:

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A Biblical View of Creation: Ultimate Resource List

Books about creation, videos about creation, toys for creation, apps for creation, creation science resources. Biblical view Find the Apologia Products at