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9 blood building foods to help fight Anemia

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☛ Cancer foods: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH: FOR THE TOP 10 CANCER FIGHTING FOODS: ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

☛ Do YOU know the Allium Family? It is one of the most potent cancer-fighter family. FOR THE TOP 10 CANCER-FIGHTING FOODS: ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

7 Foods that Prevent #Anemia: Spinach Apricot Molasses Garlic Raw Broccoli Beet Juice Watercress Leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas ✔ Strengthening the body's circulatory system ✔ Overcoming depression and increasing happiness ✔ Restoring and normalizing regular bowel functions ✔ Improving mood and reducing PMS symptoms ✔ Stabilizing and regulating blood glucose levels ✔ Improving alertness ✔ Helping in smoking cessation ✔ Relieving anemia ✔ Providing energy

In traditional Chinese medicine, broccoli is a food with marvelous healing powers. It provides a variety of strong antioxidants that prevent cancer & reduce tumors. It is low in calories & rich in vitamins & minerals that promote strong bones, eye health, good digestion, repair skin damage & boost the immune system. It is also thermically beneficial to regulating the body's temperature.


foods and drinks that build blood, healthy body cells and prevent cancer. - RAW FOR BEAUTY