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Some of the crew of the Aethership Vagabond, in Lego form.

Someone made the Aethership Vagabond out of Legos.

Details make the thing. Wonderful cluttery Steampunky details. || The Lego Aethership Vagabond

Here's one last shot of the Lego version of Aethership Vagabond

April Martin's creative take on the Aethership Vagabond (a work in progress)

Méli always shines. This image and many others like it in her collection (on FB and Deviant Art) definitely evoke the spirit of Aethership Vagabond for me.

Another good icharacter inspiration for an aethership captain: Voyage of the Sky Kraken by ~Ravven78 on deviantART

Casting Call: Alex Kingston as Captain Sophie Kildare of the Aethership Fate's Gambit

A crew of punkaneers that could easily represent the crew of the Vagabond, an aethership that Ashe and Brick often travel upon. // by