This is kinda how that favorite kiss happened...only it was outside against a door!

[Screenshot] Is there a fix for this? This pops up and i just close it when im watching Kiss Anime on the browser. its never happened before and restarting the system doesn't seem to help. It pops up random times fairly frequently throughout a show. #Playstation4 #PS4 #Sony #videogames #playstation #gamer #games #gaming

"First Kiss" Cardcaptor ending that I wish had happened lol. I don't even know hahaha. Just some self indulgence. Haven't drawn any pda stuff in a really long time now. I was just gonna leave the sketch but wanted to touch up with a bit of colour but...uh...I went overboard. Gonna catch up on the sketchbook so I'll be sketching random stuff and won't really post it :P. Had to finish this one cause I had already started it before my self-imposed break and I liked Sakura's face ___ by…

Kissing a stranger has never looked so good. The man dressed in his sailor uniform went around kissing random women after his return from World War 11. This photographer happened to be at the right place at the right time and captured the most iconic kiss ever published in U.S history. It's unnoticeable that the nurse and sailor are strangers because of the passion that radiates from this picture as they share this intimate first kiss. He holds her close with his hand on her lower back and…

A lot can happen on your first date! While any random situation can bring both of you closer for the kiss or a warm hug, you should make sure that you smell good all the while in order to avoid any kind of embarrassment. And if luck walked besides you, you would sail through your date with flying colours. For more dating tips like these you can visit website of one of the matchmakers in Sydney. And, if you want someone to set you up for a date. Visit:

It was such a strong moment of clarity when it dawned on me that none of this was random. I wasn’t a victim of some unseen forces; the world didn’t have it in for me. I was creating the battles, the betrayals, the dramas – they weren’t happening to me, they were happening because of

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Wisdom from Betty Draper (I do have her Mad Men doll [because they didn't make a Peggy Olson one!])

NEW YORK –- Tom Hanks made a couple's wedding photo shoot even more special when he broke free from his jog through Central Park and took a moment to congratulate the lovebirds. The "Sully" actor shook their hands, kissed the bride before posing for pictures with them. The encounter was captured on video and photos, including on Hanks' Instagram account.

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