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This is kinda how that favorite kiss happened...only it was outside against a door!

I miss you so much I font know what to do with out you by side it hurts so bad so much has happened this week and I call your phone to get advice and all I have is the vm message but that brings me comfort I'm knowing I deserve nothing but the fuckn best I love you mando forever!!!! Love Francine

MY HEART!.... I was glad that they played the Blood Moon Waltz when the Blood Moon appeared but, MY HEART!

"I may sound a little "third grade" here, but what happened to the hookups that were just on a picnic blanket, in the grass, and just consisted of some slow kissing that I never wanted to end"

I can die in peace if castiel inhales helium and says "hello dean" or says anything after inhaling helium. Also I dont ship Destiel