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Inmix from Versteel.. Great for many applications

Our Momma is now in a cast to get her foot better. It has her a little bit depressed due to the fact Momma is very independent. Right now momma has to rest and heal but now our Landlady is in a tizzy getting things ready to sell her home. Her daughter threw away some special kitty toys that fans had crocheted for us like catnip fishies. All this stuff that is going on and Momma and Daddy trying to get approved at one mobile home park that lost their application. So momma and daddy have to do…

New York City

Migrate to SharePoint Online & keep your existing file hierarchies permissions to intact with Qipoint All SharePoint Stuff. Contact us today!!

Its not enough to merely make money it has to be maintained and grown into larger quantities. Adopt the #investor mentality and start spending money on things that bring you a return in profit over time. Most people buy things that rust rot or depreciate; New furniture latest technological gadgets fancy cars they cant afford and so-on. These are consumptions not investments. See you dollars as little seeds you plant to generate and grow a better future. Many people are frivolous in…

20 Ways to Promote a Home Business

20 Ways to Promote Your Business Sell Apple Blossom Naturals - 100% Natural Cosmetics/Personal Care Products! Earn up to 46% commissions! All-natural consumables/necessary products! (SEE THE EXTRA CARE PRODUCT LINE! AMAZING!)

Free, printable car decal instructions for your Silhouette Cameo business

Do you make and sell car decals with your Silhouette Cameo? I’ve seen a few car decals locally that people haven’t taken off the transfer paper when they applied the decal. I began thinking and decided that maybe the buyer didn’t realize it is meant to be removed. Today, I’m giving you an unbranded set …

DIY-ify: 14 Easy Curb Appeal DIY’s!

14 Easy Curb Appeal DIY’s! Do you want to sell your home? Contact Heritage Realty Group, Inc. for Real Estate at Penn State! 814-231-0101 Follow us on