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I love Nickelsville Virginia

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I survived City of Heavenly Fire

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"To love is to destroy" ~Jace Wayland (City Of Bones! Mortal Instruments)

I like the idea of a busy street or sidewalk. Might try this on gravel as well.

So beautiful ♥ ~ A new Owl City song!

I love how he always wears the same clothes- even though he's wealthy, he doesn't show it by living in a mansion or never wearing the same shirt twice. For Pete's sake, he still shops at thrift shops. Name one other millionaire who does that. That's why that man is the richest person in MY mind.

this happend today, i was at the dentist gettin braces, she was on pandora, AND THIS STARTED PLAYING

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24 TV Shows That Need To Become Clothing Lines Immediately

T shirt over fancy dress