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And from that point on, Tuesday's would always be bad for Dean Winchester

Except that time that Dean died over 100 times on a Tuesday!

Tuesday - Supernatural promo - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki this is funny

MYSTERY SPOT! Really I'm repinning because it's Sam Winchester doing the Nick Miller turtle face!

It's Tuesday! Sam Winchester doing the Nick Miller turtle face!


What could go wrong? It's just a Tuesday.

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Haha, that one time Sam had to live through over 100 Tuesdays because he was stuck in a time loop.

[SET OF GIFS] "What, you gonna sleep all day?" 3x11 Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot -- one of my favorite episodes so far. So funny!

Sammy looking forward to the next day! Dean dying-Dean Dying! Crap! Dean Dying- Dean Dying! Crap!

/Dean dies every Tuesday!/And every morning Sam wakes to Heat of the Moment/Tuesday!/Dean dies every Tuesday/And every day Sam tries to save Dean again!

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I love this it's like "the heat of the moment' and Dean's like "rise and shine Sammy!" and Sam is just complaining about the music.

You know Supernatural changed your life when...

Today on Tuesday July 30 2013 I heard "Heat of the Moment" I of course sung along and no one understood why I was singing an old song then I thought crap I'm going to have to repeat today all over again. Only the Supernatural fandom understands this

rise and shine Sammy!!! ♪ Heat of the Moment ♪ #mysteryspot #supernatural pic.twitter.com/4UphyVKaxe

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