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A place to smear your cheese, top with salumi and garnish with local honey.

Beautiful sugar crusted, olive oil crackers with fennel. Perfect for smearing with triple creme cheese.

Majdoul, the original "cheese strings" from the Middle East is a mold cheese made with Nigella seeds. It is very salty so soak it in cold water to release the saltiness. Pull it apart and serve with warm pitas, savoury jams and crisp cucumbers.

A simply fabulous bleu cheese with a nice creaminess and a bit of a bite as well. A perfect dessert cheese.

Stone Mill Bread is made from Ontario Red Fife Flour and Rye they grow and mill themselves.

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. You can find these at shows mostly and when I do I buy a ton. All natural with seasonal flavours like these local Ontario raspberry ones.

Ka Ka Lucky BBQ and Seafood Restaurant

Lean, juicy perfect Chinese style bbq pork. This place is cheap and great.

Astarte Yogurt in the PATH in downtown Toronto serves up 6 times strained local yoghurt with great granola and cool toppings.