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University does not forget the past of the institution. There is a university in the United States decided to investigate his own past, to do something

At least 17 000 firemen fought, on Friday, 30 major fires that burned dozens of hectares of forest and destroyed hundreds of buildings in many US states

The Secret Art Endowments of America's Colleges and Universities

America's colleges and universities have substantial secret art endowments that are almost never included in their publicly acknowledged endowment numbers.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned world leaders in the Movement summit of Non-Aligned (NAM) in Venezuela that his country

Vincent Laforet


Vincent Laforet

The pyramids are not unique to Egypt. Located 200 kilometers north of Khartoum, capital of Sudan, Meroë is a lost city in a country in permanent conflict.

Tehran would be one of the last capitals where we hoped to see architectural innovation, one that breaks barriers never before navigated, but the Sharifi-Ha