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Baltimore Oriole by Steve Gilchrist, via Flickr. Almost saw one in Wisconsin. He didn't like my yard but rather my neighbor's.

from BuzzFeed

This Puppy And Baby Are The Most Adorable Nap Time Pals

This is not only a beautiful picture this is a beautiful story. This puppy was abandoned by its mother, found starving and alone. The boy 's mother gave the puppy a home. Ever since the first day the puppy was brought to his new home the puppy and the boy sleep together at every nap chronicled by mom and now a hit on you tube. The puppy, now enjoys the life of belonging to a pack!

from BuzzFeed

27 Bizarre And Beautiful Chickens

Onagadori | This Japanese breed of chicken was selectively bred to have tail feathers that grow up to 5 meters in length.