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Christ in the Arts: a group of people that have come together with a passion to experience and reflect the limitless possibilities of godly artistic expression when Jesus is permitted to be the final Master and Director.

CALLED TO LIFE: The challenge is, “Let your nets down into deep waters.” The promise is, “You will be filled to overflowing with abundant life.”

Sticky Notes for the Soul [Sign Up]

Welcome to the blessed quiet of The Library... The Free Tools & Framables Library is an exclusive page just for you -- a resource of gifts for you, where you can download all of our printables, framables and tools designed to maybe make life a bit easier? [Scroll down for a sampling of

3 Ways to Really Make New Habits . . . . {Free Printables}

This is a story about a dog and as it goes on it turns out it’s not really about a dog at all. A few weeks ago, my Dad’s old bulldog Max came to stay with us. The nature of why is personal, but Max needed a safe space for a while and Big Daddy... Read More

What Would Jesus Choose? A Bar Stool Or A Pew?

Clayton Jennings is about to tell you one of the most powerful stories about judgment I’ve ever heard. At first I was confused, but by the end I knew Jesus would sit on a barstool. Whoa.