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FREE Alphabetical Order: Here are three free worksheets as a sampler from our larger alphabetical order packet. They are great for a quick assessment or as no prep worksheets for early finishers.

FREE Figurative Language, Figures of Speech Poster Set! Alliteration, Hyperboles, Idioms, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Proverbs and Adages, and Similes and Metaphors. Each poster includes a brief description and example.

WHOLE CLASS JOURNALS allow students to write their own stories, essays and opinion pieces then share entries with guests or classmates. It’s a super-easy way to have students “publish” their work. This resource contains twenty journal page covers (10 multi-genre covers and 10 free write covers) ready to print and glue on the front of marble-stitched or spiral notebooks. (priced item)

This is a creative writing activity. Students will create their own story about the mischievous things a leprechaun might do if he came to visit idea and can turn this into when anything or one came to visit..

Our Teacher is Missing Writing Activity

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

Vocabulary graphic organizers. Perfect for vocabulary study, centers, homework, close reading, and more! $

Word Work for the YEAR {Magnetic Letter BUNDLE}

An entire YEAR of magnetic letter Word Work centers! Sight words, sounds, long & short vowels, blends, digraphs and more! $