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Capture life stories for future generations to share with an autobiography created with Lifebook. Over approximately 13 hours of weekly face-to-face interviews spread over three months, your or your loved one's words and photographs will be transformed into a beautifully illustrated book. Allow your parent, grandparent, or friend to re-live their own precious life memories.

Student Autobiography Report Project

Included:~Autobiography Report Template (created in a format students can understand and spark their interest)~Detailed Instructions with images / illustrations~Parent Letter (explaining assignment)~Prewriting Brainstorming Map Thanks for Viewing!I appreciate YOU!!!Victoria's Not So Secret Creations

The Number One Thing to Do to Create Memorable Characters for your novel!

Turning Dry Genealogical Facts into Interesting Family History

Cover concept for bio of scientist Marvin Johnson. We created a "Periodic Table of Marvin" with symbols for character traits, granchildren's names, etc. . #picturesandstories #autobiography #memoir #bookdesign #personalhistory #biography #vintagephotos #yourlifeinabook #familyhistory #genealogy #rootstech

Graphic Organizer Posters: All-About-Me Web (Grades 3-6)

I use a ppt "all about me" to let my students know somethings about me. Then I follow up with all about you. This is could be used with the activity.