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3 Faberge miniature egg pendants first enamelled in translucent pink over a hatched ground; second is polished gold with a diamond, sapphire and ruby flower; third enamelled in translucent red over a hatched ground

20 miniature Russian Easter egg pendants, circa 1900: 3 gem-set gold eggs; 2 gilded silver eggs with cloisonné enamel; 7 gem-set gold eggs with guilloché enamel, one August Holmström, another August Hollming; a gem-set gold egg in blue guilloché; a gold egg enameled pale green with the Hapsburg eagle; 4 gem-set or gold mounted hardstone eggs in nephrite, aventurine, and bowenite, the nephrite Eduard Schramm; a jeweled egg; a green guilloché enamel egg with jeweled mount, August Hollming.

A Miniature Pig named Jolly became a first time mother on August 14, at Zoo Basel. Jolly gave birth to eight wiggly Piglets: four males and four females. Despite her lack of experience, Jolly’s instincts have been spot-on, and she is a very attentive mother. 1