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Fall Pumpkin Leaf – Free Crochet Pattern - Making a pumpkin monster costume for my son, this will work great for the vine arms and legs

Free pumpkin patch pre-writing practice cards. A great way to work on fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Kids can trace the pumpkin's vine with a dry erase marker, crayon, wikki stix, or coil of play dough.

I think this poem is my favorite because it copies the rhythm and several words from the song "Teapot" and so, if the readers are familiar with such a song, they will relate the poem to it. This is why I found this poem so interesting.

The Pumpkin Farm, by Polly Morris, 1996. I made nearly all the produce from polymer clay and dried tendrils from my trumpet vine. To keep things from looking monotonous, I painted gradating shadows and highlights, and used both matte & gloss sealers to create contrast. Good examples are the dull reddish large pumpkin in the foreground and the glossy yellow one to the left.

This was my October bulletin board. The leaves have the names of people with birthdays in the month of October.

itsthatblonde: pumpkin carving from my birthday party instagram @hello_blondie

Kim polk papier-mâché pumpkin started with garbage bag

Vintage Mulberry: It's Pumpkin Time! Absolutely love! My daughter bought me one and I broke the vine :'(

Handprint Pumpkins. I say add a jack-o-lantern face with cut black constructions paper shapes glued down