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Recently learned to choose your friends wisely! Lift them up and encourage in love when they are down or struggling! Don't gang up or attack in a condescending way! They may forgive you but may never trust you with their heart again!

One of my closest friends always talks about the current season of her life in terms of how different it is from other seasons past. Our conversations have been very poignant as I’ve begun to reflect on my own seasons of life. During these reflections, I realized how many friendships have been made, how many friendships have lasted, and how many have …

.. BFF's are rare. Treasure people that are like this in your life. I thought many people were like this, but turned out to not be. I still haven't found this one person.

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Or even if you've barely walked through the door. One of the most common exchanges between myself and others is me asking what's wrong, and them responding with, "I didn't say anything." Your posture speaks to me as clearly and loudly as if you'd shouted it!