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Browse Projects | ioby GardenWalk Cleveland GardenWalk Cleveland is a free tour of private gardens, community gardens and urban farms in the City of Cleveland over a weekend in the summer.

Browse Projects | ioby: Chicken Apprenticeship Workshops The Chicken Apprenticeship will teach community members the basics of raising hens in the city. The Apprenticeship includes hands on workshops independent work with the hens, readings and field trips

Browse Projects | ioby: Bye Bye Basura Bye Bye Basura is a watershed awareness and pollution prevention program for elementary school students in San Pablo, California. We aim to teach children how to protect our precious water resources.

Green Economy Leadership Training Building the the supply of a green workforce and creating the demand for a green economy in our community

Browse Projects | ioby: Campolindo Compost & Recycling Program Cats C.A.R.E. (Compost And Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Everyday) is designed to make Campolindo High School an environmentally concious community and drastically decrease the schools carbon footprint.

Browse Projects | ioby: Farm Visit We make local fruits and veggies more accessible to our community by running the CSA, which partners with Golden Earthworm Farm on Long Island.