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Browse Projects | ioby GardenWalk Cleveland GardenWalk Cleveland is a free tour of private gardens, community gardens and urban farms in the City of Cleveland over a weekend in the summer.

Urban Community Food (and Fitness) Project Building farms and teaching fitness and sustainability - we grow food and we grow growers. The Bronx is a food desert - diabetes, obesity and hunger run rampant - we intend to change that. NE

Learn to Ride a Mountain Bike Trail in Highbridge Park Children and adults alike will learn the proper techniques to design and build a sustainable trail and learn the techniques to ride singletrack trails while performing a highly aerobic activity.

I AM MIA (Miami in Action) With a coalition of local organizations and businesses, we will host a public space festival showcasing various installations and programs to inspire Miami locals to activate pocket parks in the downtown corridor.

Mayor's Community Garden The project will combine intergenerational learning experiences, provide opportunities and skills to at risk youth, provide healing for alzheimer patients, and children and adults who are victims of abuse

Creation Development Trust - another interesting piece on an independent and not-for-private profit community regeneration organisation engaged in economic, environmental, cultural and social regeneration. Their top tip: Encourage a culture of co-production and entrepreneurialism and be keen to work with anyone who is excited about an idea. Much of our work involves bringing people with shared passions together and supporting them to develop new initiatives and social enterprises.

In my old(er) age I have learned a few things, as most tend to do. Modern fads and the latest and greatests' that are thrown in my face tend to run off leaving very little leftover. I find myself wondering, why is it I am so willing to eat out more often than I am to cook for my wife and I? How is it I am lacking in one of the oldest art forms in the world? Or, I am in need of professional help with "fill in the blank"; let me call a service that will assist.&nb