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from The Paris Review

As God Is My Witness

Sadie Stein contemplates textspeak in today’s “New York Times” crossword and, as God is her witness, argues against humble opinions.

from The Paris Review

Candlemas Day

With all the hubbub over the polar vortices and the Super Bowl, everyone forgot about Candlemas Day.

Artwork of the week: Giovanni Bellini’s Saint Jerome Reading in a Landscape. Did you know that Saint Jerome is patron saint of translators?

from The Paris Review

All in One: An Interview with Tomi Ungerer

“Goebbels was another enormous influence, because I grew up under Nazi propaganda. Goebbels showed me that if you want to demolish your enemy, you use his own weapons.” —Tomi Ungerer talks with Sarah Cowan about his unconventional children’s books, his nuanced erotic sketches, and political drawing.

from The Paris Review

Charlie, Charlie, Are You There?

Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros

from The Paris Review

Boswell’s Prurient Pastime, and Other News

James Boswell had more hobbies than just following around Samuel Johnson; he was also “an inveterate execution goer in an age when such activity was considered prurient for a gentleman … Boswell diligently noted the names and crimes of the condemned: robbery, theft, escaping a prison hulk, forgery and murder. He describes a brother and sister convicted of burglary who met their deaths holding hands, only to be separated when they were cut down from the gallows.”

from The Paris Review

The Greatest Artist in the Whole Wide World

“One of our favorite places to play, all throughout my childhood, was in cemeteries. We would go get fried chicken at the Woolworth’s on Broughton Street and go with our sketch pads to the Colonial Cemetery to picnic atop the family vaults that were all shaped like gigantic brick bedsteads.”