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Tootling along the streets of California recently with a load of cars behind it, one of Google's self-driving prototypes was pulled over by a cop for going too slow. The police department later confirmed the incident, adding that it didn't issue a ticket.

Homo Spaciens: How humanity will leave Earth behind

Homo Spaciens: Welcome to a BBC Future special series about how we will live beyond Earth.

Researchers at MIT have created a camera with a resolution of one frame per trillionth of a second, allowing them to film light as it travels.

The Champs Elysées of the Future Will Have a Lot Fewer Cars. "Within nine years, the current eight lanes for motor vehicles will be cut to a narrower central band (it’s unclear as yet exactly how many lanes will go), making space for cycle paths, a tram, and electric buses. Sidewalks will be widened, while buildings will be adorned with roof gardens."

Uber is the best example of why we need robotic cars | With the advent of the self-driving automobile revolution, Uber has a choice to make: join or die!

Can Google’s Driverless Car Project Survive a Fatal Accident?

To understand the future of self-driving cars, it helps to look back to the first lethal auto accidents, more than a century ago.

Ford Taps Israel’s Mishor 3D for Augmented Reality Navigation

Spotify Moves Itself Onto Google’s Cloud—Lucky for Google

Spotify's move shows just how reliable and cost-effective the cloud has become. And not just Amazon's.