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David E. Weekly on

Tootling along the streets of California recently with a load of cars behind it, one of Google's self-driving prototypes was pulled over by a cop for going too slow. The police department later confirmed the incident, adding that it didn't issue a ticket.

Black man gets pulled over by white cop

Black man gets pulled over by white cop

PREACH- I used this in a paper one time to explain that not all people are racist or accuse others of racism. People like this man are becoming an anomaly in our nation and I commend him for being intelligent enough to look past the color of one's skin.

Sylar knows he's guilty of many crimes. He just didn't know attractiveness was one of them.

with the number of tickets in my history you'd think i would have been witty enough to earn a ticket for this ........ but no, i am famous for saying "well did you clock me?"

Amazing full-color Civil War photos bring the era's characters to life

Meanwhile In Wal-Mart. Attention WalMart Shoppers, get your cell phone cameras ready for the crazy dressers who have just arrived to shop. You can pinterest your pic, or Instagram or tumbler under humor because they wanted you to see it! Full MooNs, 1/4 moons they're flashing!! "People of Walmart"

South African Police

South African Police (sigh)! Private citizen pulls over drunk driving cop then locks officer in the back of his own squad car until (other) law enforcement arrives.