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Sol-U-Mel® —Melaleuca. All natural powerful cleaner, stain remover and disinfecting air cleaner!

Finally...a natural shampoo that doesn't pour chemicals into your body, works great, and isn't very expensive.

Omega's, Fiber, Whole Grain, & Protein...Oh My! And only 140 calories! A Tasty, Healthy Alternative to High-Carb, Sugary Snack Bars.

Renew Lotion...amazing stuff! This has cured SO many people's eczema. You can get it on, join as a customer!! You won't regret getting this to cure any eczema. Feel free to comment if you would like me to register you, I joined the business side of Melaleuca and it really does give me a monthly check. #eczema #renew #melaleuca

Got fleas, bedbugs or mites? Want to clean and disinfect? Mix Melaleuca oil and water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spray on mattresses, upholstery and carpets. Or use half Melaleuca oil and half lavender oil. (Dont use this if you have cats.) Tea tree oil should never be taken internally. For colds and other respiratory illnesses, the oil is added to a vaporizer so that the mist can be inhaled. Drops of the oil can be added to bath water. The oil can be mixed in water as a mouthwas

I love Melaluca products but this is my fave.... Clean my shower doors like I was Scrubbing them for days! And this product is all green

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide - natural remedies for common ailments and household concerns. Includes guide to alternative uses of Melaleuca products.

Facial Care - great for acne and is ten times cheaper than proactive. Ask me about Melaleuca here: