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Oft it is not the person’s behaviour, per se, that causes our anger or irritation, but our view of their behaviour, our thoughts and perceptions around it. Given that our own thoughts and beliefs play such a fundamental role in how we interpret and respond to the behaviour in question, the line between where the anger or irritation comes from starts to blur. Is it really “external” at all?

SFMOMA - MONDRIAN AND DANCE. Art historian Kermit Swiler Champa talks about Piet Mondrian's interest in dancing and the boogie-woogie, and considers the influence of contemporary dance on his paintings. 1 min. 40 sec. Relates to Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow. Piet Mondrian. 1930 C.E. Oil on canvas.

An artist's view of her time on a comics reality program, "Strip Search"

An artist's view of her time on a comics reality program, "Strip Search"

Low Energy? You May Have Vitamin D Deficiency\When exposed to direct sunlight, the human body will naturally produce Vitamin D. However, changes in lifestyle and behavior have caused many people to become Vitamin D deficient. Learn more in this episode of Second Opinion.