3. SCALE "Scale compares the size or dimension of one thing to another. In order to properly keep a room to scale, you need to take the sizes of objects into consideration. The heights and weights of your furniture should be relative to the size of your room. A giant sofa in a tiny living room won’t look right; neither will tiny nightstands next to a king size bed. This also related to the proportion of objects: The shade of a lamp has to be in proportion to the base” (Rooney, 2008).

Southampton Living Room Neutral beiges and woodsy greens create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for this living room in Southampton. The use of natural light helps to add openness and makes the room warm and inviting. For more information and all things "Libby," go to www.libbylangdon.com.

Serene Moves Space Saver: Certain window treatments can make a room look bigger. Swing-arm-rod draperies make light work of creating privacy by night and framing views by day in this living room. Symmetrically arranged furnishings and matching sets of side tables and chairs underscore the sense of calm and order.

the perfect coffee table should have a shelf underneath...but it should also have a drawer or two for remote batteries, coasters. . .

Coffee table decor is something that a lot of home owners don’t take into consideration but they definitely should. When you take into account the fact that the living area of your home is what will most likely be entertaining your guests, coffee table decor starts to become somewhat of a focal point. With that [...]

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