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from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Tuesday …….

Gun Control, the truth

Nineteen | guns, gun rights, gun control, anti-gun control, 2nd amendment, military, soldiers

NYC atheist hipster becomes a father - and a believer and pro-life. Fascinating interview about a change of heart and spirit, mainly about how he observes feminism has failed and misled women. Thanks for speaking out Gavin!

If gun restrictions work, explain Chicago. #guns #rights #guncontrol

DOJ ordered to release list of Fast & Furious documents Obama protected with executive privilege | Human Events

God bless our American Military, who continue to put their lives on the line for our American freedom. They are our true heroes and we Thank You! ~ "May the Lord bless you and keep you ... " ~ Numbers 6:24

Agenda 21- Talk about one thing to divert the attention from a much more important topic! Sound familiar??? Benghazigate? Gun Control?