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Mercedes de Acosta, one of Marlene's female lovers, and a gifted writer. She oversaw a predominantly gay inner circle in Hollywood and was a longtime lover of Greta Garbo.


Reunited with her Sister About Town, Anna May Wong, for "Shanghai Express" in 1932. The movie was a box-office juggernaut and Anna May introduced Marlene to the gay circle in Hollywood, where Marlene would meet her lover, Mercedes de Acosta.


Marlene in "Morocco," photo by Kenneth Alexander. It was her idea to leave her shoes on the sand in the final shot.

Marlene wearing Joseff Hollywood Jewelry. She knew exactly how to pose for the camera.

Marlene and the famous writer, Erich Maria Remarque, with whom she had a desultory affair. Remarque was moody, prone to depression, and though she could be introspective, at heart Marlene was an optimist.

As the Russian countess in “Knight without Armor". Filmed in England by a former director of hers, Alexander Korda, Marlene hoped the role would resurrect her flagging career in Hollywood.

Marlene in Paris, 1935. She loved Paris and found in the city a place to call home.


Marlene in her bowtie on the cover of "Motion Picture" magazine in 1935. Before the Hays Office censors gripped Hollywood, her androgyny was celebrated and capitalized on, "The Woman Even Women Can Adore."