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Cultural Relativism: a great video on the subject matter. "We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking" - Mark Twain

PHILOSOPHY - Aristotle - YouTube There's a whole series of short videos on major philosophers (and other subjects).

The social construction of race explained -- Paradox Animation, narrated by sociologist Dalton Conley (author of You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking like a Sociologist).

This TED talk was controversially banned by the TED community after being aired. Rupert Sheldrake is a fascinating member of the scientific world. The video below is of his TED talk where he covers “The Science Delusion.”

VIDEO (7:22) - Companies gender products because they can sell more! Called market segmentation. Video definitely worth a watch. Covers toys, hygiene products, etc. Gives specific examples of how products are gendered.

This video that is pinned talks about the cultural relativism perspective in the simplest way possible. It is a very useful video to listen to because it describes cultural relativism in a way that a ten year old would understand. Culture shapes are beliefs and when we are out of our culture demographic, we might think what they are doing is ok because it is ok within their culture.

Plato's Cave (animated version) - YouTube Year 1 IB, Lesson 3.3, notebook assignment

Higher level thinking - have them come up with questions to a given answer to assess their knowledge!

from BuzzFeed

15 Adorable Kids Pose As Iconic Figures In Women's History

Grandes Mulheres - Gloria Steinem, jornalista, e Dorothy Pitman Hughes, adovgada, ambas ativistas feministas - "Uma feminista é alguém que reconhece a igualdade...

Ratios- great intro video to show your class before your start teaching about ratios.