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Picture Tutorial on making your own sanding discs for Dremels. Great for using higher grit sandpaper on polymer clay. Simply Renee Louise.

Koi pond in an altoids tin DIY 1) cover the outside in your choice of polymer clay and bake it 2)put glue (i used elmers glue) on the bottom and cover with sand. 3.)add in decorations like the plant ( i made this with polymer clay along with the koi, pebbles and lily pads) using a strong craft glue that dries clear. 4.) Lay out the pebbles and koi and carefully pour clear resin over it 5.) Wait untill its about halfway done drying and add lilly pads. Done!

Top 10 Cute DIY Baby Projects

The Cutest Baby DIY Projects Nursing Cover Tutorial-- really wish I could sew so I can make this!

Splash pad made with a tarp and pool noodles. I did sew five inch strips every foot along the edge (pink thread) to help keep the noodles in place. We also placed our sprinkler beach ball in the center of our splash pad.

FOR SALE - Miniature Koi and Turtle Altoids Pond by Bon-AppetEats on DeviantArt

20 Beach Inspired Crafts

20 beach inspired crafts that can help bring you back to the beach. #19 is my favorite!