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I have seriously had this discussion.  I was a teenager  I could not believe that this woman was actually presenting this as an argument for the veracity of the Bible.  I had no idea how to respond as she was older than me (I was raised to respect my elders)  it was such an incredibly stupid thing to say:I actually was rendered speechless.  The awful part is that was just the first of many times I would hear this.  (My church now is Biblically literate  makes no such ridiculous assertion.)

All I hear when talking people talk about religion.

What I'm reading now! Awesome way to remove excess from your life and make your focus more God-centered!   Thanks @Uatchet Ra for exposing this to me!!

An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess (Jen Hatmaker). So good! Opened my eyes on many things!

FREE 31 Days Of Prayer For Your Children Calendars!

FREE 31 Days Of Prayer For Your Children Calendars

31 Days of praying for your child- found this tool on Family Matters and loved it! Just another great way to be focused in prayer for my kiddo

If we lost everything we owned, we'd still have everything we've ever learned. Would your family be able to add God's word to that list? As the school year begins, don't neglect the training that is of upmost importance! Start teaching your children Scripture today.

Teaching Children God's Word


I forgive not because it's what's best for the person who has hurt me; I forgive because it's what's best for me and for those that I love!

The greatest thing a man can do for a woman!

The greatest thing a man can do to woman is to lead her closer to God than to himself So thankful for my Scott doing this!

My favorite Bible verse

The beginning of my meditation: Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am. Be still and know that I. Be still and know that. Be still and know. be still and. Be still.

Here are 10 mom prayers we can pray for ourselves as we try to be the best mother we can be for our family.

10 Mom Prayers

Mom prayers you can pray for yourself and other mothers.although I'm not too sure about the prayer for patience - my mother told me NEVER to pray from patience because God would give me EVERY opportunity to learn it!

6 Ways to Build Up Our Husbands | Time-Warp Wife - Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve

Time-Warp Wife - Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve--lots of great tips/teaching on Biblical womanhood.