Fun on Triumph Motorcycles

When you’re addicted to Triumph motorcycles like we are, you’ve just got to get them out on the open road. Our Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Thunderbird and Triumph Scrambler all do duty as touring motorcycles. And they’re always happy to pose for photos!
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The Triumph Thunderbird pulls over for a second to admire another spectacular view.

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The Triumph Scrambler and Triumph Bonneville wait anxiously to find out which one will go on the next road trip.

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You don't need a bikini to take your Triumph Scrambler to the beach! This is Oreti Beach, where some of The World's Fastest Indian was filmed. Burt Munro did burnouts here!

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Hard to say which is more imposing - the mountain, or the Triumph Thunderbird hanging out in front of it...

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The hubby takes off down 90 Mile Beach on our Triumph Scrambler!

See that dot in the distance? That's the hubby disappearing fast down 90 Mile Beach on his can-do Triumph Scrambler!

Sun, sea, surf, and ... a Triumph Scrambler??

One of the coolest things about road trips is who you meet. Our Triumph Scrambler has just made a new friend.

Hector is worried that the humans are leaving again on another Triumph Scrambler road trip. Sorry, Hecky, be back soon!

The Triumph Scrambler waits patiently while her owners have lunch beside the lake.

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