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Ultimate Gambit, so freaking sick

Gambit Vol. 5 Desperately searching for a means to destroy the pilfered artifact that?s cursed him, Gambit journeys deep into the jungles of Guatemala with a mysterious ally, in search of a lost temple. But instead of answers, he may just find betrayal!

James from Team Rocket - Terri Hall

James from Team Rocket - Terri Hall

SSJ Goku and Freeza

Some of the most epic fights that I watched on tv as a kid. This fight specifically is the longest fight on tv done by cartoons, anime and dbz. :) so cool aka thats me when i get mad

Superman Steals Batman's Cape and Cowl to Strike a Pose

This funny piece of geek art created by Deviant Art artist Agustinus, features Superman striking a pose while wearing Batman's cape and cowl. I love Batman's hand reaching in from out of frame to snatch it back.

Facepalm Fail Level:Superhero

"Batman is the worst marvel character." :O can't believe someone said that about bats!<---bat man isn't even marvel