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The Chris Vault

The Marvel Chris Vault. Has to be a thing. I apparently have a thing for guys named Chris.


I love the Janitor. He is my favorite character in Scrubs! Neil Flynn is pretty great too!

and this I why I love Jennifer Lawrence!

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I love the interviewer's face throughout.


Exactly like our boxers! No matter how big they get. they think they are lap dogs :o


Funny pictures about I've found my new addiction. Oh, and cool pics about I've found my new addiction. Also, I've found my new addiction.

BEST part of the movie

Kristoff: Don't worry about my ice business. Worry about your hair! Anna: What? I just fell off a cliff, you should see your hair! Kristoff: No your hair. It's turning white. Anna: Does it look bad? Kristoff: *pause* no. Olaf: You hesitated.

Too good.

Jimmy Fallon wearing Shaq's jacket, he looks like a little boy wearing his dad's clothes.