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an open comic book on a table with pictures of people in the background and text that reads, paternce
New graphic novels just in. And a spread from Patience by Daniel Clowes.... - a grouped images picture
an old book with many open windows on it
nadie miró pa' fuera
nadie miró pa' fuera | by federico hurtado 2011
collages of people standing and walking on the beach
I am
Ben Giles - "I Am", (Study in negative space)
a collage of houses and people with umbrellas flying in the air over them
before it was over. by Ashlie Chavez
several hands reaching towards an orange ball in the middle of a blue circle with pink and red colors
Tyler Spangler - Shop “Everyone Needing Time” by Tyler Spangler
Tyler Spangler
an arabic poster with people standing in front of red squares and the words musker