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an overhead view of a dining room table with chairs and potted plants on it
Un Loft familiar en Rotterdam • La Bici Azul · Decoración y tendencias
a dining room table with plates and cups on it, in front of large windows
When this photograph was taken summer was in bloom, but our bodies and brains were running on fumes. Crazy "we're never going to finish in time" fumes. Thank god for Erick and Emily of @heidisbridge. We hired them to photograph this monster of a house on short notice. Not only did they deliver beautiful photos like this, they brought us bagels, grabbed coffee, ran errands we frantically requested, and did it all with calming reassurance and a smile. Thank you thank you thank you. Xo Ps let's...
a room with some benches and windows in it
edb designs - Organic, Natural, Modern Spaces
organic. natural. modern.
a dining room table with flowers in vases on it and chairs around the table
Perfeita Ordem
a dining room table with white chairs and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
♥ Vintage and modern
the kitchen is decorated with colorful chairs and a clock on the wall above the table
The Inspiration - The Vintage Dining Room
Bright and colourful country kitchen - mismatched vintage chairs, milk clock by Newgate Clocks, floral prints, candelabra, flowers and wooden kitchen table
a dining room table covered in pink and white polka dots
if i had this darling kitchen i would only use Emma Bridgewater pottery. Full Stop.
an old table with some plants on it in the middle of a room filled with furniture
Eclectic Dining Tables - Eclectic - Dining Tables - Houston | Houzz
French Country Dining Room Farm Table - eclectic - dining tables - houston
a dining room table is set with plates and cups, flowers in vases on the table
oval IKEA dining table
a dining room table with flowers on it and two lights hanging from the ceiling above