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Learning to Spell Using Patterns Within Words {FREE Printable Included} | This Reading Mama

Learning+to+Spell+Using+Patterns+Within+Words+{FREE+Printable+Included!}- use to help preschoolers with their journal writing exercises

Great resource for a parent crash course in phonics! I can't wait to start handing these out.

Phonics Decoding Strategies Cheat Sheet (can give to parents, use in groups, or give to partners when they are reading together) This site also has posters for the classroom.

Hand out during beginning. This will be an interactive activity before the book, have students find the cvvc, vowel teams and circle them.

Students read the 2 words in each box while they watch for the final “e” sound or look for the 2 vowels together while switching back and forth from a short to a long vowel sound.

Ending blends chart - also in color! Goes perfectly with the beginning blends & phonics sounds chart also from here

Ending blends: Ending blends chart for your student to reference! Final blends can be tricky so it's great to have a chart like this for students to look at for help with reading words with ending blends.

FREE! Ten signs for your elementary school library, covering the 10 Dewey Decimal classes (includes both "B" and "92" for biographies).

These yellow signs are suitable for an elementary school library. They cover the 10 Dewey sections. The x 11 inch signs fit in vertical sign holders.