34 Pins
a purple lamp is lit up against a wall with floral designs on the walls behind it
Antique Lamp
two red lamps sitting next to each other on top of a table in front of a dark background
a man dressed in black holding two swords
there are many different types of swords hanging on the wall, and one is red
The Beginner's Guide to Sword and Knife Collecting
two crossed swords are attached to a heart shaped plaque
Medieval tavern-themed gaming room: even the power outlets look olde • Offbeat Home & Life
Medieval tavern-themed gaming room
two black cats sitting in an ornate cat bed
a cat laying on top of a black bed in a room with white walls and curtains
Bed canopy
a bed sitting next to a window in a room with plants growing on the wall
Whimsigothic Home Bedroom Design
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an ornate black chair sitting on top of a tiled floor
Medieval Thrones-We build custom Medieval Thrones-WhiteClouds
an antique vanity with mirror and stool in the corner on wooden floor next to wall
a bedroom with an old fashioned dresser, mirror and other items on the wall in black and white