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an old black and white photo of men standing in front of cars lined up on the street
10 millionth Mustang shatters sports car record; Ford to celebrate
many old cars are lined up in a parking lot
At the Factory
two men working on an engine in a garage with other people around the car and another man standing next to it
Shelby : Posters and Framed Art Prints Available
two men working on an assembly line in a car factory
What's Up With Boss 429's? - Classic Muscle Car - Mustang Monthly Magazine
an assembly line with cars being worked on
an assembly line in a factory with workers working on the machines and machinery that are being worked on
Dearborn Ford Mustang Assembly Plant Tour - Mustang Monthly Magazine
two men standing next to a car with a sign on it that says mustang bred in the west now built in the west
Ford Mustangs
two white mustangs parked next to each other on a red carpet
10 Millionth Ford Mustang Rolls Off The Flat Rock Production Line
an assembly line with men working on cars in the background and another man standing next to them
At the Factory