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There’s no denying my love of all things peanut butter – on toast, with carrots or in baking, I’m a happy critter whenever there’s peanut butter around! While I’m not particularly fussy about how I get my peanut butter fix, there’s one combination that’s just that little bit better than the rest… you guessed it,...Read More »

These soft, cakey chocolate biscuits are stuffed to breaking point with chunks of chopped Whittakers' Peanut Slabs.

This cookie is a dream for anyone who loves to treat themselves with a Snickers bar – it’s absolutely packed with them!

These caramel and chocolate chunk biscuits are sure - packed with chunks of real milk chocolate, they're a truly special treat.

This loaf is not only super simple to make, but is absolutely packed with flavour – think sundried tomatoes, basil pesto, pumpkin seeds & plenty of cheese!