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Harlequin Macaw  by  (Kelley Parker Photography)

Harlequin Macaw (Kelley Parker Photography)--what a penetrating gaze on this powerful bird!


when I was a kid I had a whole box of parrot feathers I found on the ground and at my Grandma& house in Puerto Rico - I wonder where those feathers all went -they were amazing rainbows like this.

The eye of the Hyacinth is unique in the bird world. That yellow circle makes them look almost clown-like, but never underestimate a Hyacinth.

'Eye of a Hyacinth Macaw' by Heather Angel/Natural Visions. what a stunning colour!

Yellow-crested Cockatoo. Australia - also known as sulphur-crested, I believe.

Australia - also known as sulphur-crested. They travel in flocks & are alarm clocks.