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Nama-stay in bed? How about not. Studies show that stretching in the morning improves posture, relieves aches and increases blood flow and energy. (And it only takes 10 minutes!)

Good Morning Yoga Sequence - "This is a minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and life breathed into them after a night of sleep.

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..non*sense..: bake marbles made into these beautiful flat marble necklaces

Cool idea : bake marbles and they become flat and look like these. These were made into necklaces baked marble necklace

Chain Hand Piece: DIY jewelry bracelet tutorial | She's Got the Notion                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm very excited to bring you my first jewelry tutorial! I had been debating what to make this week for 6 Weeks of Gifting . I wanted to.


These DIY cracked marble necklaces have a "Frozen" look that our Girl Scouts are nuts over! Bake marbles at 350 F for 20 minutes, drop them into an ice bath, and watch them crack into a pretty pattern.

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Great for the beach or a picnic for two! Stake your claim to enjoying wine or champagne---anywhere outdoors! Just find a penetrable surface (grass, sand, dirt) to insert the post of this portable wine table.