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chocolate covered desserts stacked on top of each other
Raw Caramel Slice Bites
This dessert have officially made raw caramel slice my fave. I don't think you can beat the combo of the date, macadamias and coconut base layer with the gooey caramel layer and the chocolate layer on top. SO DELICIOUS!!
a large plant with red and green leaves in the middle of a garden filled with lots of greenery
Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri - a photo on Flickriver
Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri This flame thrower palm is putting out a beautiful new leaf! They are from New Caledonia.
a garden with lots of trees and plants in the area that is surrounded by stone walkways
Recipe for Tropical Edible Garden Style
Bananas grow in large clumps like enormous broad-leaf grasses and have an absolutely Jurassic feel about them. They thrive in moist, highly fertile soil and need full sun to produce fruit. Fruiting varieties of banana need frost-free temperatures year-round for their crop to ripen, however. Modern Landscape by Lilyvilla Gardens
green plants are growing on the side of a building
Stone wall next to Calathea lutea and Rhapis sp. - Ponce Veridiano Garden.
a house that has grass in front of it and some bushes on the other side
Buxus hedge, Podocarpus tree
an apartment building with trees and bushes in front of the entrance to the yard area
Tuckeroo - a great tree can be kept small near the building and provides leaves all year round
a row of trees with green leaves on them in an open field next to some dirt and grass
Advanced Deciduous Trees — Urban Tree Growers
Golden Robinia are an attractive medium-sized tree
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery and fenced in area next to a house
Peter Fudge Gardens - Snow Pear
Pyrus nivalis, I use this tree more often than any other. I use it as a specimen tree or a paddock tree planted in groves where it is allowed to grow to its mature size and shape (10 m high x 8m wide) I also use it in residential gardens and pleach the tree as an elevated hedge that can be rectangular or round. I like to use small to medium trees in my designs an often I’ll use the same species in one area. I find it not only gives the house vertical soothing scale, it also makes the area lo...