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a stone sculpture sitting on top of a sidewalk next to some rocks and a building
Celtic Symbols | Claddagh Legend
Celtic Symbols | Claddagh Legend
an ancient rock painting with people and animals on it
Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Ancient Art Shower Curta | CafePress
Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Ancient Art Shower Curta by doodlefly
black and white photograph of plants growing on the side of a hill with holes in it
Tree of Life . Neolithic Carving. Yorkshire. Oil-Transfer.Kirk V. Toft
Tree of Life . Neolithic Carving. Yorkshire
a large stone with carvings on it in the middle of a grassy field and blue sky
The Intricately Carved Tiya Megaliths of Ethiopia
Stelae of Tiya, Tiya, Ethiopia - one of the most important of 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the Soddo region. The site contains 36 monuments, including 32 carved stelae covered with symbols of an ancient Ethiopian culture. The difficulty in deciphering them makes it difficult to determine their age.
an ancient rock painting with animals and people on it's side, in the desert
Great Hunt Panel: Nine Mile Canyon, Utah
Great Hunt Panel, Nine Mile Canyon, Utah
the rock has been carved with an image of a bird and other animals on it
Petroglyphs_Large Shield Men_ Galesteo Basin_New Mexico_MANN_001.tif | Charles Mann Photography
an image of animals and people painted on the side of a rock
Hidden Valley & Moab Rim Loop
a rock with some writing on it in the desert
Walk Through History at Petroglyph National Monument
an old rock with some cracks in it
Neanderthal 'artwork' found in Gibraltar cave
an image of some kind of animal that is on the ground
Petroglyph Spirals Resemble Norway Spiral, page 1
a rock with some drawings on it
What Is A Dreamwalker?
What Is A Dreamwalker?