Blanket Granny Square Afghan Crochet

Selected the best crochet ideas of throws, blankets and afghans, always with sources to free patterns or tutorials.
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two crocheted hot air balloons on the ground
C2C Hot Air Balloon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Cheerful and colorful, this crochet blanket is what you need to master your C2C technique and double crochet. Plus, such a blanket will make a great gift, especially for a child, so don’t miss the opportunity. The pattern for this corner-to-corner blanket is free and easy to follow, get started today!
a woman is holding up a crocheted blanket with bows on it and another photo has
The Clara Throw Free Crochet Pattern
This cute crochet blanket uses a corner-to-corner crochet technique. If you have never used it or just want to practice, this crochet pattern will be just okay. The blanket will make a great accessory for your bedroom and for your little one’s alike. Follow the pattern and get it done!
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Solid Hexagons Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Another great crochet hexagon blanket – but this one is more elegant. This blanket crochet pattern is also quite easy, so it will suit all the crocheters with basic skills. You can change the colors as you wish, but stick to the pattern’s recommendations to achieve the photo-like look.
a woman is holding up a crocheted blanket
Coastline Sunburst Hexie Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
This stylish hexagonal blanket is what you need to make your bedroom look modern. It’s a beginner-friendly piece that will appeal to crocheters tired of classic granny square design. Our advice is to make this blanket as colorful as you can by using your leftovers from previous projects.
a crocheted blanket sitting on top of a chair next to a sign that says candy shop baby blanket
Candy Shop Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
This bright hexagonal crochet blanket is a must for summer picnics. With this piece you will easily transform your regular weekend outings into something really cozy. The hygge concept includes recommendations that will help you stay cozy in summer and such pieces will do the trick.
crocheted granny granny afghans are shown with yarn on the floor and in front
Vintage Hexies Free Crochet Pattern
A stunning crochet blanket pattern for those who grew tired of classic granny square. This pattern offers a simple way to spruce up your blanket – just change the shape of the blocks and it will look far more interesting. Plus, the design is still beginner-friendly and great for all the crocheter levels.
crocheted afghans hanging from a tree
Scrap Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
This crochet granny square blanket is easy and quick to make, but the best part is that you can make it with your leftover yarn! If you have enough leftover yarn, this is the perfect opportunity to put it to good use. The free granny square blanket pattern isn’t complicated and you’ll find yourself crocheting away.
crocheted granny granny blanket with flowers on it, and another photo of an afghan
Free Red Heart Field Of Daisies Crochet Blanket Crochet Pattern
A very detailed crochet blanket with a spring flower motif. If you miss flowers and can’t wait to see everything in bloom, this is your chance to make it happen faster. The colors are really vibrant and will look great in your home. The pattern is designed with beginners in mind and is great for any crochet enthusiast. Save it for later!
two pictures of a couch with flowers on it and one has a crocheted blanket
Free Bernat Big Florals Crochet Blanket Crochet Pattern
Make a large floral blanket for cozy evenings and picnics! It’s nice to have one of these around the house and the design is just beautiful. It combines neutral gray with vibrant floral colors for the best effect. Plus, this project won’t take long, so give it a try. The pattern is really easy, and you won’t have any trouble. Bring the spirit of spring into your home!
crocheted granny granny blanket with yarn and scissors on the table next to it
Circle to Square Granny Square Afghan Free Crochet Pattern
Combining two different shapes in one piece, this crochet blanket is sure to draw attention. Square and circle, white ground and accent details – it’s all about opposites. A blanket like this will look great in simple, minimalist interiors, so if you have one, don’t wait to make it. The pattern for this modern square blanket is free and easy to follow.
crocheted afghans are laying on the floor next to each other, and one is
Bias Granny Temperature Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
This crochet blanket combines temperature design with the granny square. If you know the concept of a temperature blanket, there’s no need for further explanation. The pattern gives a nice twist to these two different techniques and allows the piece to show all of its beauty. If you’re looking for a mindful crafting experience, this is where to start.
a man sitting on top of a couch next to a gray and white striped blanket
Hibernate Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
A beautifully textured crochet blanket that will take your hygge style to the next level. Great for creating visual space without sacrificing coziness and softness. This blanket pattern is easy to follow and free. It comes in one versatile size that’s good for almost anyone, but you can easily alter the length.
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Forever Winter Throw Free Crochet Pattern
A super chunky crochet blanket that will keep you cozy all year long. The blanket is not only extremely warm, it’s also very soft and pleasant to the touch. If you’re looking for something that will comfort you in any situation, this blanket will do the trick. Plus, it’s really easy to make and requires very little effort.
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Big Florals Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
If you're looking for a really big blanket, this pattern might be interesting for you. It's really big, and what's more important, it's fancy. The floral motif will make your home bloom. It's sure to bring spring vibes into your home, so give it a try. The crochet blanket pattern is designed with beginners in mind, and there won't be any difficulties.
crocheted blanket with yellow and white flowers on the bottom, next to an image of
Lemon Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
A simple crochet blanket, but not just from ordinary squares. The Lemon Granny Square Blanket is a modern twist on a classic granny design that will bring some freshness to your style. The pattern is simple and even a beginner could make it. If you want to make something simple yet fancy, this project is for you. Download the crochet square blanket pattern for free.