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Garbage Rubbish Truck Cartoon Postcard. Postcard designed with an illustration of garbage truck smiling done in cartoon style on isolated white background. #garbagetruck #truck #postcard

Window Cleaner With Squeegee Button. Pinback button with an illustration of a window cleaner holding a squeegee and spray bottle set inside a diamond shape done in cartoon style. #windowcleaner #squeegee #pinbackbutton

Dog With Lacrosse Stick Side View Baby Bodysuit. Baby bodysuit with an illustration of a dog holding a lacrosse stick viewed from the side on isolated white background. #lacrosse #crosse #babyclothes

mechanic repair fixing car auto 2 inch round magnet. Two-inch round magnet with a retro style illustration of a mechanic fixing a car. #fridgemagnet #mechanic #repairman

Arborist Tree Surgeon Trimmer Pruner Bumper Sticker. Bumper sticker with an illustration of an arborist climbing a tree cutting with a chainsaw set inside a circle done in retro style. #bumpersticker #lumberjack #arborist

Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Master Retro Poster. Poster with an illustration of a kung fu master in fighting stance with a temple and sunburst in background set inside an oval done in retro style. #kungfu #shaolin #poster

Computer TV Monitor With Doctor Stethoscope T-Shirt. Men's t-shirt with an illustration of computer monitor using a stethoscope done in cartoon style. #stethoscope #computermonitor #tshirt

Plumber hand holding pipe wrench woodcut keychain. Keychain with an illustration of a plumber's hand holding a pipe wrench done in retro woodcut style set inside a circle with sunburst. #keychain #plumber #pipewrench

man and wife bass man pinback button. Pinback button with a retro style illustration of a man and wife with words "I'm a bass man" with halftone dots in the background. #pinbackbutton #bass #hunsbandandwife

Secret Service Agent Body Guard Card. Greeting card with an illustration of a secret service agent standing showing his identification card. #greetingcard #secretservice #agent